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Why Apercevance ?

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What is coaching and what is it for ?

Apercevance? A special word which you will not find in most dictionaries. A gentle word, sounding both sweet and strong, it implies the ability to go beyond mere appearances, to see further and wider, to become more conscious.

As we go through life we build up a set of beliefs about ourselves: how we behave, what we have to offer and where our limits lie. When we first discover coaching it may well be because of a problem or challenge which we cannot deal with using our tried and tested approaches. These may be so automatic for us that we are barely aware of them anymore. Coaching should help us resolve the immediate issue but it should go much further, bringing us new insights, re-evaluating our limits and discovering new resources in ourselves, ready to use as soon as we become aware that they exist. Is there a better way of doing this than being accompanied, encouraged and – when useful – challenged by a professional who is above all a human being committed to the wellbeing of the client and the success of the coaching project?

Coaching is a shared adventure with a clear objective and a pathway which often leads to surprises, a time for working on ourselves in order to develop and grow. It is not a series of fireside chats, not psychotherapy and not training!