Professional Coaching

"Coaching with Nathalie Sylvestre was first and foremost an a beautiful encounter. We took the time that was needed.

Mine was not a tightly-packed programme fit into a few months aiming to magically transform me into the ideal manager. Instead, I needed time to reflect and experiment between each session. I moved towards "authentic" management, which reflects my true aspirations. Today, while my department is undergoing a major reorganisation, I try to rely on the daily pillars whose crucial importance Nathalie made me aware of (for example, day-to-day exchanges with secretaries, or the time "lost" at the beginning of the day on planning and organisation), while making room for reflection to prepare ahead and find meaning. I no longer forget to seek help in a timely manner from my team or other colleagues. I make time to exchange views on files with them and with the hierarchy, instead of letting my anxiety take over and ultimately cowering from my role.

I do not want to paint too idyllic a picture of the post-coaching situation: clearly the ever-increasing pressures imposed on managers – including in a public organisation like mine – are constantly renewing the challenges and difficulties. But the awareness and anchor points that I built thanks to Nathalie Sylvestre's coaching have given me greater confidence and enjoyment in my professional activity and in my life as a whole."
Manager, European Institutions - Brussels
"I am fortunate to be in a company that has offered me support in terms of personal development, and in this context I was given the opportunity to work with a coach. I met two different coaches, including Nathalie.

What I immediately liked about her was her outspoken and non-conformist side – the opposite of my personality. I thus chose Nathalie as a challenge that I have never regretted!

By and large, if you want a coach who goes along with your demands, who takes it easy on you and leaves you in your safe zone, do not choose Nathalie! But if you really want to progress, to get to know yourself better, to speak truthfully and to question yourself, Nathalie is the mirror you need! Do not expect her to give you answers to your questions: she will help you find them yourself!

Always benevolent but never complacent, she walks with you through unexplored areas of your personality, and helps you to open your eyes to yourself and to others. By striking a balance between the personal and the professional, she truly helped me to grow in every sense of the word.

In closing, it was an invaluable human encounter, summarized in two words which speak for themselves: Thank you."
CIO, Banking Sector – Lille
"This coaching programme was initially intended to help me optimise my professional performance as a manager in a technical field.

The relationship of trust built up with Nathalie during the sessions enabled me to question my own perspective on my actions and interactions. But not only: above all, it allowed me to become aware of what I am, to name it and to understand it. It was a shock for me. I no longer feel different from others, but as I am. And the results affect my whole life, both personal and professional. It is never too late for happiness and the support I received has helped me to overcome my own obstacles that I did not know existed.

Thank you again.."
Senior Executive in the public transport sector - Paris
""My company had offered me "coaching" and I was somewhat dubious about the approach. Coaching is fashionable, but is it effective?

Around me, no one had tried it or at least talked about it openly. Curiosity drove me to give it a try. As is often the case, two potential coaches were introduced to me. They were as different from each other as can be: style, attitude, method, way of setting up the "agreement" ... so there would be as many coach profiles on the market as there are coachees?

I followed my intuition when chosing to work with Nathalie. The first meeting was simple and natural. I immediately felt at ease knowing this person was human and solid, who was not going to try to give me "renowned consultant" solutions nor lecture me. She welcomed me for who I was and without bias. We were going to work together with a defined objective, but we didn't go into too much detail about the 'how'. I would produce concrete cases that I was struggling with and she would offer me all sorts of tools that I would choose to use if they appealed to me. This suited me perfectly.

We met about once a month for a year and this rhythm allowed me to assimilate and try out between each session what I was learning with her. I grew a lot during the year, both in my professional and personal relationships. I became aware over time of all that I was capable of, of the full reach and power of my choices.

Nathalie is not trained by any "transactional analysis" or "NLP" school: she uses each of the tools available on the personal development market, which makes the sessions extremely rich and flexible. I also valued the empathy she displayed during our meetings: emotions found their place but they did not invade the space and Nathalie always made sure to allow me to channel them before closing an interview. This helped me keep learning more about myself without being weakened by these realisations.

In the end, the agreement was fulfilled. I progressed on the points I wanted to improve and this coaching experience ended in serenity without the monthly sessions becoming a crutch. I have learned a lot, grown and now feel much more autonomous and confident.”
HR Manager in the transport sector - Paris
"I was fortunate to work with Nathalie Sylvestre and I cannot describe just how beneficial it was for me.

As a manager, it is always extremely useful to be able to take a step back with someone you can trust and who offers excellent advice.

Nathalie has a particularly encouraging, warm and sharp eye for situations. She quickly analyses the evolution of the manager and their team. Her very judicious advice and encouragement were particularly valuable to me. I find I owe her a lot of my development and my self-confidence as a manager.

My team also greatly enjoyed the team building session we did together with Nathalie afterwards. Thank you again for everything!"
Manager, European Institutions - Brussels

Personal coaching

"There are some encounters that one does not forget. This is true of the coaching programme I followed with Nathalie.

She accompanied me over the course of several months, allowing me to meet and discover myself. At the time, I was running around in circles, full of energy and at the same time disoriented, prone to exhaustion. She allowed me to express my emotions, while being at peace with myself. Nathalie put me in touch with benevolence – I who was used to pushing myself beyond my limits.

With her listening ear and non-judgmental approach, she offered me a hand without giving it to me completely. Thanks to this, she enabled me to achieve the happiness I had set for myself: not the one she might have thought up for me, but the one I built up little by little on my own and which can no longer be taken from me. While I was practising my steps on the beam, Nathalie was close by with her watchful eyes so that I wouldn't fall. Today, I am a gymnast, balanced, light and free.

There are encounters that you never forget..."
Consultant - Paris
"My first coaching session with Nathalie took place over 10 years ago.

I remember our first meeting very well. My employer had offered me a few hours of coaching and I did not know what it was, nor what to expect. I had to choose between three coaches, but our first meeting was a no-brainer: I knew I could learn a lot with Nathalie. And I did! I pursued the sessions and put my heart into them.

Throughout my professional career, especially during difficult moments when I had to make complex decisions, I had someone with whom I could share my thoughts and receive feedback. That is what I always liked about Nathalie: the sessions are not about lying on a sofa and going through the motions in your head. It is interactive coaching that allows you to think for yourself while keeping an external perception of the situation, and to receive ideas to move forward. Never in the past 10 years has one of our sessions seemed useless to me. I have recommended her to several friends with different personalities and all have been thrilled."
Deputy Head of Cabinet, European Commission.
"I met Nathalie in the occasion of a management training. After the training I started seeing her outside the working environment because I needed to improve my interpersonal an managerial skills in view of a managerial position in the framework of the EU institutions.

Nathalie has been the best help I could get both for work and also for my private life. She helped me understand my limits given by education, environment and my own inclinations. She showed me how to overcome them. She opened my eyes on many things that I could not see myself. Nathalie relies on her skills as a psychologist and her knowledge of the dynamics at work as an executive coach. With this combination, she has helped me become a better person for myself, for my family and at work.

I am extremely thankful for the support I got because without that I probably would have never reached the level of maturity I have now. I can honestly say that going to Nathalie was the best investment I could ever make: life has becomes easier to manage, problems lighter to cope with and I am better able to enjoy what life can give. "

Coaching Supervision

"Nathalie Sylvestre has accompanied me for several years in supervision as part of my work as a trainer and therapist.

I leave each session with a better understanding of the cases I presented, and with tools to solve the issues I face with the persons I train or follow myself.

I value her accuracy, the position she takes which is participatory and benevolent yet challenging. Sometimes I was so confused before the session that it was difficult to put words on the problem. Still, Nathalie’s ability to be supportive without judging helped me become aware of the source of the uneasiness and starting from there everything became much more straightforward. The work is set in dialogue and in consideration of each side’s pace. Each session ends with a feeling of success and greater inner peace.

Thanks to this journey, I have grown as a person and found the right balance in my professional practice. I feel stronger, more serene and confident all at once. My deepest thanks!"
"I have been in supervision with Nathalie for 8 years. I began with individual supervision, and eventually moved on to group supervision, which I have had for the past 3 years. The two complement each other very well and help me grow in different ways.

I find in my supervision experience an unquestionably positive and constructive approach. It is enlightening, supportive, or even "transformative" depending on the topic.

Nathalie has been by my side for many years with her creativity and empathy. She pays constant attention to the balance between who I am and what I do in my work – which is a primary focus for me – as well as to my personal balance and fulfilment in an exciting, but also very demanding field of work. Ideas and solutions always emerge from our sessions.

Nathalie has helped me to embrace my strong sensitivity, which I did not initially consider to be a talent. She allowed me to develop my coaching skills in an authentic way, as well as to diversify my work in different areas, in line with my curiosity and my aspiration to diversify my areas of expertise.

I also call on Nathalie when my work as a coach brings about strain or crises linked to complex client cases which can times arise. Her support has been invaluable each time to help me overcome these challenges.

Our supervision sessions are a continuous source of inspiration for me. They allow me to fuel my own clients’ sessions with a different, open, and creative approach, enabling them to assert their own style and follow their path in all its uniqueness. "
Catherine C.
Coach and Consultant - Paris