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1. General

This website is managed by Apercevance, established Albert Elisabeth avenue, 62 ,1200 Brussels, Belgium. Apercevance is a registered company operating under number 0547.624.980. The conditions hereby apply to the use of (hereby refferred as “the website”). By accessing this site and by navigating the site, you automatically accept and respect the conditions of use.

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4. Responsibilities of the user

In case of any violation of any rights of Apercevance & Third party (hereby included the partners, authors and rightful owners of any rights related to this website) you will financially compensate Apercevance. A settlement being based on all possible second, third or higher degree of consecutive damages.

5. Information from the website and communicated by email

It is possible that pieces of information from the website or any email are incomplete or erroneous. Apercevance works as hard as possible to be accurate in every way but cannot however be held liable for defaults in accuracy, reliability, punctuality, precision, or any other properties of the information shown on the website or communicated by email. Every piece of information is not guaranteed. Apercevance declines all responsibilities in case of viruses or any form of information that could cause a prejudice to the user or any third party.

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The website can contain visible or invisible links redirecting towards other websites or internet pages or refer to it in any way. Apercevance has no control over the content of such sites or internet pages and thus declines any responsibility about any content or its characteristics. The fact that Apercevance places web links does not imply the acceptance of any content.

7. Privacy protection

see our section on privacy protection

8. Applicable laws and competent courts of law

The Belgian legislation applies to the website, except for any other constraining legal. In case of legal dispute, only the court of law of Brussels (Belgium) is competent.

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