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Private life and data protection

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1. General terms

This website is managed by Apercevance, established Albert Elisabeth avenue, 62 in 1200 Brussels, registered under the following company id : 0547.624.980.

2. Data management and personal info

By accessing this site and using the email system you solemnly accept the latter data protection policy. All given info can be used by Apercevance in order to fulfill its goals our to ensure the validity of a contract. All given info can be detained as long as the mission of Apercevance requires it. If at any point your consent is of necessity, you are free, without any obligation of justification to retrieve this consent.

3. Which are the data that are concerned ?

Apercevance treats the following types of personal data :

3.1. Expressely mentionned data :

Name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address, location when mentioned by you.

3.2. Automatically collected data :

Data automatically collected such asIp address, type of web navigator, running system of your computer and other data automatically generated by the website and its affiliates.

3.3. Cookies :

During your visit on our site, cookies could be used and placed on your device in order to customize the website to your preferences. Accepting cookies is not an obligation. You can access your control panel and modify your cookie policy. Please refer to the instruction manual of your browser in order to eradicate cookies after surfing the web.

4. Object of data management

Personal data are handled in order to customize the website, its use, its promotion, its referencing, its organization and its general feedback. Personal data can be passed on to affiliates and partners of Apercevance. Your data shall not be used for direct marketing and telesale purposes.

5. Access and modifications of the protection of private data policy

At any time, you can access, consult, modify, rectify personal data that concern you. An official request must be operated and be accompanied by a copy of your identity card. Changes to our policy of data treatment and management will be advertised on this webpage. It is up to you to consult it regularly.

6. Contact details of the company

For info concerning protection of privacy and data protection and the use of modification rights, send us an email :