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Who am I ?

Nathalie Sylvestre

My approach,values & background

My ethical standards, my values

My approach, my way of working

I am very attentive to my relationship with the coachee. I am intuitive and curious to see the world from the other person’s viewpoint but ready to take a stand based on my own judgement when appropriate. I am always looking for the essential in order that the person I am coaching moves a step closer to what s/is looking for.

My way of working

I seek to help my coachees to deepen their awareness and strengthen their commitment to action through the following steps :

Key words

« Be able to take some distance so that when you come back to your task your judgement will be more solid. » - Leonardo da Vinci. Painter, inventor, writer.
« I am what I am doing with what was made of me. » - Jean-Paul Sartre, writer and philosopher.

I am a coach, consultant and trainer accredited inter alia by the European Commission where I have spent many years accompanying managers and leaders through individual and team coaching. I am equally happy in English and in French and use these two languages interchangeably in my ongoing work with managers of every nationality and their multi-cultural teams.

I hold a Master’s degree in Work Psychology. I am a Gestalt practitioner and a certified user of the “Human Element” (Schultz method). I also use the tools of NLP, TA and systemic analysis.