Psychotherapy, Coaching and Supervision




Voilier Voilier

Individual management coaching

Anyone working in a management position in an organisation will be regularly confronted by business and human challenges which need to be better understood in order to be overcome successfully.

In calling on the support of a coach a manager is choosing to look for a wider perspective on the situation in hand. This involves taking a step back from the immediate problem (once-off or recurrent) and getting feedback on what is happening. The manager will be supported and encouraged in the search for the best way forward. If useful, the manager will also be questioned and challenged by the coach in a spirit of helpfulness and honesty.

Asking the “right questions” often leads to finding the essence of the problem or challenge. Question will then help the client explore different options for moving forward. The result is better decisions in the interest of the organisation, the client and his/her co-workers.

The coach understands the organisational world but is outside the immediate system. S/he is an expert in the dynamics of change and a professional in building relationships to accompany change in a setting of trust and confidentiality.


Team coaching

As workplaces are becoming more and more demanding, and ressources getting scarce, developping more collaborative practices and approaches to increase the group resilience as well as trust, competence and well-being, is becoming a realistic and relevant option for many companies and insitutions.

Group coaching as well as team coaching and peer coaching give way to new synergies, taking all part of the system into account, and leading to a shared responsability in building new opportunities to face the current issues as much as daring with creativeness !

Groups are set for a limited but regular number of meetings, during which each one and all will learn and train with their coach about better knowing each other to be able to increase their collaboration and self regulation within the team.

Successful team coaching means when the team can manage its own ups and downs, and regularly "clean the communication pipe" without the help of outside coach :-) !

Personal coaching

Want to grow?

A time of questioning can be fertile ground for rapid personal and/or professional growth … for people who are good at gardening!
Bringing experience, commitment and non-judgemental attention, coaching can add great value to this time and help us to find roses amid the thorns …